Happy Birthday Diva!

Happy Birthday {April 12} to Dr. Danielle’s bulldog Diva! Diva turned 8!

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Heartworm & Lyme Prevention Month

   April is heartworm and Lyme disease prevention month. Here at Holmes Animal Clinic, we are promoting our heartworm protection {Sentinel} and screening for Lyme disease. We screen for heartworm disease and Lyme disease through a snap test that is ran through our IDEXX machines. The week of April 16-21 you get $10 off the test. Our snap test also screens for two tick borne diseases. We are ALSO running a sale with our Bravecto tablets. Bravecto is a 3 month prevention against ticks. You will receive 10% off your Bravecto tablets if you buy 2. Hurry in while the offer still stands! Summer will surely be here soon enough! {Hopefully, if Mother Nature decides what season she would like it to be.}

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Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

In March we had a drawing for a BoSe radio. You were put into the drawing if you bought a year’s worth of Senintel. Our lucky winner was Sheila Cassibo and family! 

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Pet Poison Prevention Month


Poison prevention is a topic that is a popular one once spring and summer roll around. The number one poison we see come into the clinic is rat bait. If your pet happens to get into rat bait, we say to induce vomiting right away to ensure that none gets into the body to cause harm. Vomiting can be induced with supplies that you have at home, such as hydrogen peroxide.

Here is a chart of the four most common rat baits used.


If you use rat bait on your farm we have found a good trap for mice and rats that we highly recommend. Dr. Jeff and Deanna, Dr. Danielle, and Carly use these on their farms. Dogs and cats can not get into these.

As spring and summer roll around, please be cautious of what your pets are getting into. If you have any questions or concerns please call your local vet or you can call the Pet Poison Hot line at 1-800-213-6680 or 1-855-289-0358.

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Cy is Quite the Guy!

Here at Holmes Animal Clinic we see patients of all shapes and sizes. The other day we got the chance to work on one of Dr. Danielle’s son’s pocket pets named Cy. Cy is a Teddy Bear hamster who is oh so dearly loved by Dr. Danielle’s son Koen. Cy had an abscess on his scrotum that we had to operate on. We sedated Cy with gas anesthesia and drained the abscess, then we flushed it with Betadine. Cy feels much better now and is fashionably wearing a cone so he can’t lick his wound to cause infection. 

Along with Cy, Koen has an Angora rabbit named Fancy, a Beta named Frank, two bulldogs Diva and Dooley, and three cats named Chief, Deuce, and Penny. Oh, and we can’t forget the sheep and goats with their protectors Dezzy and Diesel!

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Bo-Se Radio Drawing!

It’s starting to warm up here in northern Iowa, so you know what that means….bugs. Those pesky ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes can be such a pest. Good thing we’ve got you covered! Along with our normal Spring/Summer Sentinel rebates, we are doing an additional 10% off your purchase of 12 doses! That’s right, 10% off a year’s worth of Sentinel and Sentinel Spectrum! If you stop in and purchase this deal, you automatically get put into our drawing for a BO-SE radio!!! Sentinel provides 5-in-1 parasite protection in a formulation that easily fits into a busy family’s lifestyle. {hookworms, roundworms, heartworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and fleas}

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Got the Puppy Fever?

With the snow melting, temperatures rising, and everyone getting out and about, the spring puppy fever is kicking in! Here at Holmes Animal Clinic, we have been busy artificially inseminating and collecting semen on dogs. Since we have had such an increase the subject, we decided to incorporate a new machine into our routine.

Introducing the Canine P4 Analyzer!

The P4 Analyzer reads the progesterone levels of the female. A female’s progesterone levels rise following the LH surge and ovulation. Luteal cells in the ruptured follicle produce progesterone in response to LH. Our machine is calibrated to IDEXX. The procedure is quite simple actually. We pull blood from the female, thec we spin down the blood in our centrifuge to get the serum. Once we have the serum, we create a measured mixture of serum and buffer mix. With the buffer mix, we then place it on the progesterone test strip. The strip has to be incubated for 15 minutes. Once the 15 minutes is up, the strip is placed in the P4 Analyzer and within 5 seconds we have results!

Once we get the female’s progesterone levels we then determine when to breed (AI, natural, or surgically). We have been doing artificial insemination recently. With AI we either get the semen shipped or we can collect the male on site. When we collect the male on site we also evaluate the semen. We evaluate the semen on morphology and motility.

Once the breeding process is done, we ultrasound the female 28 days post breeding to see if she is breed.

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Need A Good Flossing?

Just a friendly reminder that February is National Pet Dental month! We are offering 15% off all dentals, as well as buy one, get one 50% off all dental treats.  Stop or call in and schedule your pet a dental now while it lasts! We all deserve a set of pearly whites! 🙂

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“It’s A Boy!” Westley Joseph Mayer

If any of you have been patiently awaiting the arrival of Alissa’s newborn like the rest us, well the wait is over!!

Baby Westley Joseph made his appearance  Monday February 12th at 4:14 am. He was 8lbs 14oz and 20 in.

Congratulations Alissa and Joe Mayer! We all can’t wait to meet him!


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Is that…a goat?

If you’ve stopped by the clinic in the past week and have been wondering what the strange noise is….it’s exactly what you think it is! The cutest baby goat you’ve ever seen. During the cold spell last week, Bethany’s goat had triplet babies and this little guy did not want to eat off of his mama. In the blizzarding conditions, Bethany tried to get him to eat from mom every two hours, and he was starting to get hypothermic. She put him in the warmest bath he could handle and this helped pull him out of that. So little goat became a bottle baby. He does great with his bottle, just does not have the suckling instinct he needs to feed off of his mother. Not eating from mom right away, he did not get the necessary colostrum to help him out. Not getting colostrum, he started to get sepsis in his front legs. This caused him to not want to get up and walk, and stumble if he tried.

Getting some kid snuggles in.

Dr. Danielle, being the goat expert she is, figured this out as soon as she saw his front legs and how he was stumbling and not wanting to get up. His legs also felt very warm to the touch. He is now getting daily antibiotic injections, and is doing great with his bottle feedings. He now totally believes Bethany is his mother, and if she walks away from him, you will hear him bellowing for his mom! He will follow you and wants to snuggle like a puppy. He’s quickly gaining weight(a whole 6 pounds) and thriving!

Staying warm in a teeny Holmes Animal Clinic t-shirt!

An official name has not been chosen for little boy goat. Belt, Eddie, and Brutus have all been ideas. So if you pop in the clinic this week, and need your goat fix, we’ve got you covered!!

We are all loving having him here!


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