Remembering our loved ones

A topic that is never fun to discuss, is what to do when we lose a beloved pet. We thought maybe this as a blog topic was a way people could think about the options and have an idea of what they would like to do in the future if ever needed. Sometimes the choices seem overwhelming, and we want you to feel comfortable with your decisions.

Sometimes they go on their own, and sometimes they need us to make that difficult decision for them. It is always a hard day, but know that we are here to help make the process easier on your heart.

Many times, people just are not sure what to do with their best friend after they have passed. We have a few different services here at the clinic we offer.

First being a burial box. We have biodegradable burial cartons for you to lay your pet to rest at home in the appropriate size for your pet. These are also available if your pet passes at home.

The next option we have is cremation. With cremation, there are two options. Private cremation, where you will receive your pets ashes back in a beautiful hand carved wooden urn(there is also the option of cardboard if you plan on spreading their ashes). Private cremation ensures that your loved one is cremated separately and that you will only be receiving your pet back.

A communal cremation is the other variable of cremation. Your pet will be cremated with other loved animals and their ashes are spread by Loyal Pet Cremation in a respectful group setting. Ashes will not be returned with this option.

To remember your beloved pet, we offer Precious Metal Nose Print Necklaces. We carry these in either gold or silver. We take a print of your pets nose and will mail off for you to be turned into a gorgeous memorial piece that you can keep close to your heart. You can include up to three letters to be stamped into the print on the back. Precious Metal Prints will mail you your finished necklace. Below is an example of a silver nose print.

Please feel free to ask us any questions, express any concerns. We love you and your pets.

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