More than just “dog breath”?

Check out our new small animal dental machine! This machine allows us to scale and polish teeth, and also has a high speed hand-piece for suctioning and extractions! We also offer digital dental x-ray, which allows us to see issues beyond the gum line!

Did you know that your dog’s bad breath could be more than just the typical “dog breath”? In fact, bad breath could be a sign that something serious is going on inside your pet’s mouth! Dental infections can lead to more serious systemic infections causing further health issues. Also, this isn’t just an issue for dogs! We also see many feline patients for routine dental cleanings and dental issues. When your pet comes in for their yearly exam, Dr. Jeff and Dr. Danielle always try to take a look at their teeth to see if a dental is recommended. Schedule your pet’s dental exam today, or stop in to take a look at our selection of dental chews and dental hygiene products!

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