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North Union High School visitors

Thank you to the North Union Animal Science students for coming to visit and take a tour of our new clinic.

They had a ton of great questions, and we enjoyed having them!

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Dental Month

February is Dental Month!! Just like us, your pets teeth need special attention.

Call now to book your pets teeth cleaning at 15% off the normal price.

We are also running a special on Dental Products. Buy one dental product and receive the other at 50% off.



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Hill’s Prescription Diet Voluntary Recall

Attached is a copy of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Voluntary Recall.
If you have any questions, please call us at 515-295-2627 and we will gladly help answer any questions.


Hill’s Recalled and Withdrawn product list


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Winter Weather Tips

Here is a great article from the ASPCA with tips on cold weather. With the record breaking cold temperatures tomorrow, just a reminder on what to do and not to do! We want you and your pets to stay warm and safe!
Top 10 Winter Weather Tips for Pets

When the weather outside is frightful, your pets could be at risk!
Remember these tips to keep your pets safe this winter:
1. Know your dog’s limits! Some dogs are more susceptible to the cold than others. Short-coated, thin, elderly, or very young dogs get cold more quickly – so adjust the amount of time they stay outside! If your dog enjoys being outdoors and you will be outside longer than a few minutes, consider outfitting it with a sweater or coat to keep it warm. Hypothermia and frostbite pose major risks to dogs in winter, so remember, if it is too cold for you, it [ ]

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New treats and toys!

Come check out our new selection of toys from Nylabone & treats from Founding Fathers.

Nylabone makes great products for dogs who love to chew.

Founding Fathers has a great line of treats, that also gives 50% of all proceeds back to Veterans and their families.

Stop on in for a cup of coffee and check it all out!


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Baby Girl Kane

Welcome to the world little girl!

Koda D’Ann Kane made her appearance this week.

Weighing in at 8.5 lbs and measuring 19.5 inches long.

Dr. Danielle and baby are doing great!

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Update on Abbie & Charlie

What a touching story for the holidays! Not even a year old and Charlie Murphy needed a liver transplant. A virtual stranger steps up to be his donor after being inspired by a loved one who was a donor herself. After the transplant at Nebraska Medicine, Charlie and his parents and brother will be having the merriest of Christmases!

Posted by Nebraska Medicine on Friday, December 21, 2018

We wanted to share a piece on our favorite organ donor and recipient!

Abbie & Charlie are both doing great!

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Welcome to the all new Holmes Animal Clinic

     It’s official…we made the move!!

We closed down November 1 & 2, packed up years and years worth of things in our old location, and moved into our new and improved facility. If we said it was a smooth transition, we would be lying! Lots of construction, and crew trying to finish up things while we were trying to get everything in its new place.

We wanted to share a few pictures with you and give a small virtual tour of just some of the highlights of the new building.

Here is the view when you walk in the front doors. Our gorgeous new front desk to check in you and your furry friends. We also now have all of our food and retail out front. We have divided these up into cat and dog rooms(note the Meow and Woof)

Here is Exam Room 2, Our new grievance room, and our [ ]

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A typical day at the office

In the Veterinary world, there is no such thing as a “normal” day. Every day is constantly different, and you never know when an emergency might happen. Last week, we had to perform an emergency C-section right as afternoon appointments were about to begin. Dr. Jeff went to surgery, and Dr. Danielle took over both schedules for regular appointments.

So if you are ever here, and you hear us say “we had an emergency come in, sorry we are running a little behind.” We really aren’t lying to you! So, we wanted to share with you who our emergency was last week!

This is Cookie Krause. Cookie is a Buttercream Ranch mama, and is a Great Dane. She needed help delivering her last few puppies. Welcome to the world pretty pups! Mom & pups are doing great.

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Allergies & Fleas

Have you been noticing your pet itching and scratching more and more? Is their skin getting red and bumpy? You and your pet are not alone!

Unfortunately there is no quick answer to this, but things that could be factors are allergies or fleas. Call us and we can get you set up with an exam with either of the Doctors to find out exactly what is going on with your pet. First thing to eliminate, is if your pet has fleas or is having a reaction to flea bites. Check your pet over from head to toe for small blackish/brown bugs (that are very fast moving and hard to catch!) If you don’t see fleas but see areas with black are seeing what is called flea dirt and unfortunately your pet has fleas. The most common areas they hang out is the base of the tail, up around ears, and [ ]

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