Girl Scout Visit

We had some special visitors last week to take a tour of our new clinic!

Girl Scout Troop #20412 got a tour from Dr. Jeff, and learned all about the responsibilities of owning a pet.

These girls also used some of their cookie proceeds to donate supplies to the Animal Rescue Family.

Thanks for coming to see us, and for the generous donation to pets in need!

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National Pet Day!

Happy National Pet Day!

What would we do without them?!

Be sure to spoil your furry, scaly, or feathered friends today!

What is something you appreciate about your pet that you can thank them for today on their special day?!



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Heartworm Awareness Month

April is National Heartworm Awareness month. We are running a special April 15-20th on heartworm testing, $10.00 off each test ran. We love our IDEXX Snap 4DX Tests, it tests for heartworm in only 15 minutes, as well as 4 tick born diseases. Did you know that heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes?? We have plenty of heartworm product on hand to keep your pet protected, as well as a few options for ticks.

We are also running some specials on tick and flea prevention. Pick up 3 months of Credelio for you pet for $45.00, 6 months of Credelio & 12 months of Interceptor Plus with $35 off instantly! Our last special is buy 12 months of Credelio & 12 months of Interceptor Plus, and receive $50 off instantly! If you have any questions, give us a call or stop in and see us! We know it can be overwhelming with all the products on the market, so let us help you get it all figured out!

Happy Spring!!

PS-How cute is our model Baloo in this months ad in the Algona Reminder!?


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Don’t Miss Out!

This is the last week to get entered into our drawing for the Yeti Cooler, or a twelve month supply of Sentinel!

Take advantage of the 10% off as well!

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Sentinel March Special

Don’t forget to stop in and take advantage of the special we have running on Sentinel & Sentinel Spectrum!!

Plus if you buy 12 doses, you can enter our drawing for this Yeti Cooler & 12 doses of Sentinel!!!!

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North Union High School visitors

Thank you to the North Union Animal Science students for coming to visit and take a tour of our new clinic.

They had a ton of great questions, and we enjoyed having them!

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Dental Month

February is Dental Month!! Just like us, your pets teeth need special attention.

Call now to book your pets teeth cleaning at 15% off the normal price.

We are also running a special on Dental Products. Buy one dental product and receive the other at 50% off.



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Hill’s Prescription Diet Voluntary Recall

Attached is a copy of Hill’s Pet Nutrition Voluntary Recall.
If you have any questions, please call us at 515-295-2627 and we will gladly help answer any questions.


Hill’s Recalled and Withdrawn product list


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Winter Weather Tips

Here is a great article from the ASPCA with tips on cold weather. With the record breaking cold temperatures tomorrow, just a reminder on what to do and not to do! We want you and your pets to stay warm and safe!

Top 10 Winter Weather Tips for Pets

When the weather outside is frightful, your pets could be at risk!

Remember these tips to keep your pets safe this winter:

1. Know your dog’s limits! Some dogs are more susceptible to the cold than others. Short-coated, thin, elderly, or very young dogs get cold more quickly – so adjust the amount of time they stay outside! If your dog enjoys being outdoors and you will be outside longer than a few minutes, consider outfitting it with a sweater or coat to keep it warm. Hypothermia and frostbite pose major risks to dogs in winter, so remember, if it is too cold for you, it is probably too cold for your dog!

1 - low res2. Check the hood! Cats often sleep in the wheel wells of cars during the winter months to keep warm. If you start your car and a cat is sleeping on your tire, it can be severely hurt or even killed by moving engine parts. Prevent injuries by banging loudly on your hood or honking the horn before starting your car. This will wake up the cat and give it a chance to escape before starting the car.

 3. Wipe their paws! During winter walks, your dog’s paws can pick up all kinds of toxic chemicals – salt, antifreeze, or de-icers. Be sure to wipe off your dog’s paws when you return from walks to prevent him from licking it off and becoming sick. Purchase pet-safe de-icers for your home for an extra level of safety. And when wiping off your dog’s paws, remember to check for signs of injury, such as cracked or bleeding paws.

Rainbow 1 - Low Res

4. Keep them leashed! More pets become lost in the winter than any other season because snowfall can disguise recognizable scents that would normally help them find their way home. Prevent your pets from becoming lost by keeping dogs leashed on walks and, just in case you are separated from your pets, make sure their collars have up-to-date contact information and they are microchipped.

5. Avoid the ice! When walking your dog, be sure to avoid frozen lakes and ponds. Your dog could be seriously hurt or even killed if the ice breaks.

6. Leave them home! Just as hot cars are dangerous for pets in the summer, cold cars pose a threat as well! Only take your pets in the car if it is necessary, and never leave them unattended.

7. Be seen! Due to Daylight Savings, many of us are relegated to walking our dogs in the dark. Keep yourself and your dog are safe by wearing reflective gear (clothing, leash, collar, etc) and keeping your dog close when walking on the street.

GS in snow8. Give them shelter! Ideally, all pets should live inside. If your pets live outdoors primarily, bring them indoors during sub-zero temperatures. For the rest of the winter, provide them with a dry, draft-free shelter that is large enough to allow them to sit and lay down comfortably, but small enough to conserve body heat.  The floor should be raised a few inches off the ground and covered with cedar shavings or straw.  Turn the shelter so it faces away from the wind and cover the doorway with waterproof burlap or heavy plastic. Also, pets who spend a lot of time outside need more food to replace energy lost from trying to stay warm. Use plastic food and water dishes instead of metal – when the temperature is low enough, your pets’ tongue can become stuck to metal.

9. Avoid spills! Antifreeze attracts cats and dogs because it is very sweet to taste, but it is extremely poisonous and can cause serious illness or death when ingested. Be sure to clean up any antifreeze that spills in your garage, and keep the bottle somewhere your pets cannot access.

10. Be prepared! Winter brings extreme weather that can cause power outages. Have an emergency plan and make sure they include your pets! Have an emergency kit with enough food, water, and medication to last your pets at least five days. Most likely you will never need it, but if you do, you will be thankful you planned ahead!

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New treats and toys!

Come check out our new selection of toys from Nylabone & treats from Founding Fathers.

Nylabone makes great products for dogs who love to chew.

Founding Fathers has a great line of treats, that also gives 50% of all proceeds back to Veterans and their families.

Stop on in for a cup of coffee and check it all out!


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