Baby Girl Kane

Welcome to the world little girl!

Koda D’Ann Kane made her appearance this week.

Weighing in at 8.5 lbs and measuring 19.5 inches long.

Dr. Danielle and baby are doing great!

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Update on Abbie & Charlie

What a touching story for the holidays! Not even a year old and Charlie Murphy needed a liver transplant. A virtual stranger steps up to be his donor after being inspired by a loved one who was a donor herself. After the transplant at Nebraska Medicine, Charlie and his parents and brother will be having the merriest of Christmases!

Posted by Nebraska Medicine on Friday, December 21, 2018

We wanted to share a piece on our favorite organ donor and recipient!

Abbie & Charlie are both doing great!

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Welcome to the all new Holmes Animal Clinic

     It’s official…we made the move!!

We closed down November 1 & 2, packed up years and years worth of things in our old location, and moved into our new and improved facility. If we said it was a smooth transition, we would be lying! Lots of construction, and crew trying to finish up things while we were trying to get everything in its new place.

We wanted to share a few pictures with you and give a small virtual tour of just some of the highlights of the new building.

Here is the view when you walk in the front doors. Our gorgeous new front desk to check in you and your furry friends. We also now have all of our food and retail out front. We have divided these up into cat and dog rooms(note the Meow and Woof)

Here is Exam Room 2, Our new grievance room, and our x-ray room.

Here are some of our new boarding areas! The first with the glass door, is one of our new suites. They are spacious areas that more than one dog from the same household can stay in. They will also have small flat screen TV’s hopefully by the end of the week! Next is a view of a few of our dog runs. These can house large dogs or also a few small dogs from the same household. Last is our cat room, here is a view of some of the areas where your feline friend can stay with us.

Here are a few behind the scene shots! Our pharmacy area where we will be filling all of your pet’s prescriptions. Next is our large animal back room area. Lots of space to see your farm animal friends! Last shot of the day is our surgery room where Dr. Jeff & Dr. Danielle will be preforming all of our routine and emergency surgeries.

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak! Look forward to seeing you all in our new location!

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A typical day at the office

In the Veterinary world, there is no such thing as a “normal” day. Every day is constantly different, and you never know when an emergency might happen. Last week, we had to perform an emergency C-section right as afternoon appointments were about to begin. Dr. Jeff went to surgery, and Dr. Danielle took over both schedules for regular appointments.

So if you are ever here, and you hear us say “we had an emergency come in, sorry we are running a little behind.” We really aren’t lying to you! So, we wanted to share with you who our emergency was last week!

This is Cookie Krause. Cookie is a Buttercream Ranch mama, and is a Great Dane. She needed help delivering her last few puppies. Welcome to the world pretty pups! Mom & pups are doing great.

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Allergies & Fleas

Have you been noticing your pet itching and scratching more and more? Is their skin getting red and bumpy? You and your pet are not alone!

Unfortunately there is no quick answer to this, but things that could be factors are allergies or fleas. Call us and we can get you set up with an exam with either of the Doctors to find out exactly what is going on with your pet. First thing to eliminate, is if your pet has fleas or is having a reaction to flea bites. Check your pet over from head to toe for small blackish/brown bugs (that are very fast moving and hard to catch!) If you don’t see fleas but see areas with black are seeing what is called flea dirt and unfortunately your pet has fleas. The most common areas they hang out is the base of the tail, up around ears, and the neck.

Image result for pictures of fleas and flea dirt

Don’t panic! We can get you through the process of getting rid of them. We will get your pet started on flea medication, either a topical or an oral. There is an option for an injection for cats as well. Activyl, Bravecto, and Effipro are just a few of the great options. We will also walk you through how to get the household rid of fleas and their eggs. We have a spray for the house, as well as some bombs. We know it is all pretty overwhelming, so let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Now lets get into the allergy portion. If your pet is struggling with allergy issues, here are some of the signs you may be seeing:

  • itchy, red, or scabbed skin (image below of inside of dogs flank)
  • increased scratching
  • itchy, runny eyes
  • sneezing
  • vomiting/diarrhea
  • snoring caused by an inflamed throat
  • paw chewing/swollen paws
  • constant licking

Image result for dog with skin allergies

If you are wondering what it is that your pet could be allergic to, here are some of the top reasons we see pets with allergies:

  • Mold spores
  • trees, grass, and weed pollens
  • Dust and house dust mites
  • Dander
  • Feathers
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Food ingredients (e.g. beef, chicken, pork, corn, wheat or soy)
  • Prescription drugs
  • Cleaning products
  • Fabrics
  • Insecticidal shampoo
  • Rubber and plastic materials

We have plenty of options to help solve your pets allergy issues. Antibiotics & medications, as well as prescription food for any food allergies.

The newest development for allergies, is a new injection called Cytopoint. We have had really good luck with patients who have had chronic allergy issues. Here is a link to their website to learn more.

Hope everyone has a great week!














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Remembering our loved ones

A topic that is never fun to discuss, is what to do when we lose a beloved pet. We thought maybe this as a blog topic was a way people could think about the options and have an idea of what they would like to do in the future if ever needed. Sometimes the choices seem overwhelming, and we want you to feel comfortable with your decisions.

Sometimes they go on their own, and sometimes they need us to make that difficult decision for them. It is always a hard day, but know that we are here to help make the process easier on your heart.

Many times, people just are not sure what to do with their best friend after they have passed. We have a few different services here at the clinic we offer.

First being a burial box. We have biodegradable burial cartons for you to lay your pet to rest at home in the appropriate size for your pet. These are also available if your pet passes at home.

The next option we have is cremation. With cremation, there are two options. Private cremation, where you will receive your pets ashes back in a beautiful hand carved wooden urn(there is also the option of cardboard if you plan on spreading their ashes). Private cremation ensures that your loved one is cremated separately and that you will only be receiving your pet back.

A communal cremation is the other variable of cremation. Your pet will be cremated with other loved animals and their ashes are spread by Loyal Pet Cremation in a respectful group setting. Ashes will not be returned with this option.

To remember your beloved pet, we offer Precious Metal Nose Print Necklaces. We carry these in either gold or silver. We take a print of your pets nose and will mail off for you to be turned into a gorgeous memorial piece that you can keep close to your heart. You can include up to three letters to be stamped into the print on the back. Precious Metal Prints will mail you your finished necklace. Below is an example of a silver nose print.

Please feel free to ask us any questions, express any concerns. We love you and your pets.

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Harvest Safety for Pets

Happy Fall!

It’s that time of year, harvest is here. Farmers are in the fields, which means the mice are heading out of the fields and into anywhere warm they can find. We’ve done a previous post on the dangers of mouse/rat poison, but we really wanted to send out a reminder for the season.

When autumn hits, we know we will see an influx of poisoned pets. Many being farm dogs, who don’t show symptoms until they are in critical condition. Some symptoms don’t make themselves fully present until it might be too late.

Symptoms to be on the look out for:

  • Lethargy
  • Seizures
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Pale gums
  • Coughing (with blood)
  • Vomiting (with blood)
  • Bloody nose
  • Swelling or bumps on the skin (hematomas)
  • Collapse
  • Bleeding from the gums
  • Loss of appetite

If you are seeing any signs listed above in your pet, please contact us as soon as possible. Unfortunately we see too many cases that result in death, and we don’t want to have anyone experience losing their pet this way. We understand rodent control is a major thing in the fall, but please keep out of reach or covered/contained safely. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know!

Happy Harvest everyone, be safe!

-Holmes Animal Clinic Staff


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Bella Mueller

Warning-some of this content is graphic in nature, and if you have a weak stomach, you may not want to read on!

Meet Bella, a ten year old spayed female Labrador Retriever. Bella is the beloved pet of Sharon Mueller. Sharon called in concerned about Bella having some troubles with leaking urine. Sharon and Bella came in for an exam, which soon led to Dr. Jeff being very concerned about a mass he was palpating in her abdomen. He then did an ultrasound on her abdomen and discovered a possible splenic mass, called a hemangioma. The mass was what was causing her to leak urine as it was pushing on her bladder. Surgery was then scheduled for an exploratory, to see exactly what was going on inside Bella.

Surgery day arrived, and Dr. Jeff’s idea about what was going on in Bella was correct. He found a mass the size of a basketball in her abdomen. The large mass was a hemangioma of the spleen. He completely removed the giant mass and closed Bella up. The mass weighed in at a whopping 10.6 lbs. She did absolutely wonderful after surgery and got to go back home with her Mom. She will be coming back in a week or so to get her sutures removed.

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Makin the move!!

If you haven’t already heard, we have some exciting news!

Holmes Animal Clinic is moving! We have recently purchased the former Suidae Health & Production building, as they just moved into the old Armory outside of town. This new building will be the perfect fit for our growing practice. It is located across from Fareway, and next to the Calvary Cemetery. Our new address will be 2200 Hwy 18 W.

We will have exam rooms for Dr. Jeff & Dr. Danielle, a pharmacy, cat room, grievance room, new retail areas, a much larger boarding area(now space for large dogs!) larger surgery suites, and last but not least large animal accommodations! No more parking your horses or sheep in the parking lot. We will have plenty of space for parking, and plenty of room to expand over the upcoming years.

We are hoping for the move to happen this fall, as construction just began last week on the new building.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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Happy Birthday Diva!

Happy Birthday {April 12} to Dr. Danielle’s bulldog Diva! Diva turned 8!

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large and small we love them all